767-400 "a different type"?

Date:         29 Jul 98 00:29:34 
From:         spagiola@my-dejanews.com
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I was interested in the following comment by Robert W. Baker Jr., AA's
executive vice president of operations to The Dallas Morning News (while
discussing AA's plans for replacing its remaining DC-10s):

> "The problem with the [767-]400 is it's really a different fleet type,"
> Baker told the newspaper in Saturday's editions. "The cockpits are
> different and you bump up the engine thrust so you really have to
> consider a new fleet type."

Any comments? I knew the 767-400 was going to have an improved cockpit, but
didn't realize the differences would be major enough that someone would
considere it a different type. Do the cockpit differences mean pilots cannot
be cross-rated with earlier 767s (and with 757s)? Conversely, can they be
cross-rated with something else (747-400? 777?)

If this is the perception by major users, I can't see the -400 selling well.

Stefano Pagiola
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