Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         26 Jul 98 23:57:12 
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In article <airliners.1998.1088@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Antoin Daltun" <> wrote:
> As an aside, aircraft normally undergo ditching trials (models in a water
> tank).  This  was done later than usual in the development of the 146 and I
> understand some early aircraft had (or have?) permitted overwater time
> restricted to gliding time from land.  This would be quite restrictive on
> those aircraft (e.g. London-Copenhagen not permitted).

ranfaa comment: who risks life and limb flying any distance over water in a
high wing airliner. Even if they have the best ditching charactistics in the
world, how does a high wing aeroplane float. Answer: wing on the top of the
water. The case rests.

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