Re: 1998 1st half order update

Date:         26 Jul 98 23:57:04 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*>
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H Andrew Chuang wrote:

> In the first six months, Airbus has received orders for a total of
> 287 planes:
> Boeing has received orders for a total of 282 planes:
> For details, please check
> <> for Airbus's orders, and
> <> for Boeing's

At the risk of self-promoting <g> I may suggest this URL, where the orders of both Airbus and Boeing are
compiled by firm order, LOI, region, plane ...

> Boeing barely matches Airbus in the first half.  If you take away the
> non-7-series sales (i.e., ex-MD products including 717), Boeing trails

> Airbus by 41 planes!

After the latest order from SAS, Boeing has again the lead with 306 vs.
302 firm orders. Airbus leads the single aisle market 253 vs. 220.

> Airbus sales have really picked up since the middle of last year.
> also seems to have a lot more orders on the horizon than Boeing.

I am especially looking for the widebody choice of SAS and KLM, which
are due for Sep-98. The widebody choice for Iberia seems pretty clear,
with all the busses they already have.

>  Boeing
> will need a spectacular second half to beat Airbus, but Boeing says it

> will pay more attention to profit than market share.  Hence, it's
> that Airbus will have a huge victory this year.  I think Boeing will
> very happy if BA's narrowbody order can be saved.

The 20 widebodys will be 777, and the narrowbody will most probably be

> One thing still puzzles me a lot is the A319/320/321 production rate.
> Boeing got a lot of bad press because there are hardly any B737
> delievery slots left in the next two years.  However, the Airbus
> narrowbody has a backlog similar to the B737's, and the production
> rate of the A320 family will still be significantly less than that of
> the B737 (18-19 vs. 21 currently, and ~22[?] vs. 27 in a
> future).  Does it mean that there are a lot of long-term A320 orders?

Since 25-May-98 the 320 has a production rate of 22. The first free slot
is msn 1009 which will be delivered on 11-Jun-99. Starting Nov-98 there
are still lots of free slots, confirming that a big percentage of the
A320 orders are long-term ones. This will certainly help AI in getting
the British order.

My views,
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
The AIRCRAFT ORDERS    website