Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         19 Jul 98 22:07:32 
From:         k_ish <>
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Antoin Daltun wrote:
> The early BAe146 100 was also specifically designed for operation to short
> fields where a four-engined aircraft is beneficial in extreme cases (points
> such as Innsbruck,  a private field used at Aspen CO).  This did mean that
> it was over-powered for most purposes and sold very poorly.
> The stretch to the 200 series traded off some performance for better payload
> and helped sales a bit, but the four engines have always been seen as having
> an operating cost penalty.<snip>

IIRC, the original design was twin-engine.  The original engine maufacturer
(R-R?) didn't have an engine in the correct thrust class ready in time, so BAe
had to scramble and change to the four-engine Avco-Lycoming powered design.

Two other asides;  they were so noisy, that PSA had additional soundproofing
added.  The ones I flew were still noisy and personally, if I were flight or
cabin crew on one I would probably wear foam earplugs.

The other aside is that they don't have reverse thrust, only wheel brakes and a
speedbrake in the tailcone.  Air Wisconsin had lots of problems operating into
short, slick runways in winter.

Ken Ishiguro