Re: airbag anyone??

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:58 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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> Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> > Since the airbaigs will all blow up at the same moment the available
> > volume for the air in the a/c will be reduced in a few milliseconds.
> > Guess what happens ...

To continue on my initial question, guess what happens when - say 300-
airbags of 80 liters each blow up in the fuselage ...

> I saw a short TV report a few weeks ago about airbags in aircraft.
> Development for such system is already done - but the system looks
> quite different to that installed in cars: The airbags have to be
> blown up "manually" by a central switch in the cockpit in case of an
> emergency.

No they will be 'armed' by the PIC. They will automatically blow up when
the G-force exceeds the allowed limits. That's what I read.

> So there will be no time span of milliseconds but rather
> minutes.

If it takes minutes to blow up the bags, you won't need them ... All pax
will be hurt/dead :(
More serious to blow up an airbag you need +- 10msec.

> And the airbags stay blown up.

If correct you need to compensate for the gas losses and maintain the
pressure. There must be a limit on this (given by the size of the

> I don't know if this makes any sense ?!

No (see above)

My opinion,
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg //
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