Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         19 Jul 98 22:07:31 
From: (JWizardC)
Organization: AOL
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There are a couple of other issues that seem to be getting missed in this
discussion; If you have an engine, you must have controls, plumbing for
fuel, hydraulics, electrical systems, indication systems, pneumatics,
thrust reversers, monitors, attachment points (you can't just super-glue
these things on, you know, except maybe the A-10) and an extra four-leaf
clover and rabbit's foot.

Reallistacally, though, there are examples where four-engine jets have
crashed simply because of an explosion of one engine taking out the one
adjacent to it.  Two, three, four, or six engines (see the AN-126 {?})
are no guarantee against accidents. Besides: most accidents happen at
home, so why not move?

[Moderator's note: The six-engined Russian aircraft you're thinking of
is the An-225, a derivative of the four-engined An-124. Karl]