Re: Northwest's DC-10's

Date:         19 Jul 98 22:07:27 
From:         "Galen L. Hinshaw" <>
Organization: ISPNews
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S.L. wrote in message ...
>I belive DC-10s are already stage-III compliant, I know the L-1011 is.
>For that matter, I think the 747-100 is. Your comment does apply to the
>DC-9 fleet, but since a number of cargo carriers have found it quite
>economical to hushkit DC-9s and 727s, I don't see why it would be any
>less feasible for a passenger carrier. I had heard once or twice that
>Delta may hushkit quite a few 727s, but I've never had that confirmed

The DC-10's are Stage III compliant. Five DC-10's have been commissioned
into Northwest's fleet by my company in the last two years ( #'s 1232-1236).

We have also installed the FedEx hushkit on three American Trans Air 727's,
downtime being about three weeks, best I recall. I see no reason for Delta
not to hush the 727's. United has about 75 of them,  requiring Stage III
supression. They struck a trade deal with FedEx about 18 months ago for
50-some kits with an option for a handful more at a later date. FedEx
received several DC-10's in return ( I'm sure these are older -10 series
that have been decommissioned, but will make fine cargo carriers).

Galen Hinshaw