Re: TU-154

Date:         19 Jul 98 22:07:24 
From:         Les <>
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Andrew Oliva wrote:
> I'm flying internally within Russia this August and am looking to see if
> there is somewhere I can go to look for technical specs on this
> aircraft on the internet?

Tupoljev TU-154B
I don't know any place where they specify TU-154 specs. Your best bet would
be to look for Boeing-727, since it is a very close copy of that model.
The best I can do is to use my own sources (books).
Span: 37,55
Length: 47,89
Height: 11,39 m
Wing area: 20,140 m2
Power plant: three Szolovjov D-30KU-154 each with 10.500 kp thrust
Accommodation: 128-169
Max. payload: 19.988 kg
Max. takeoff: 95.997 kg
Cruising speed: ~900 km/h
Max. speed: 0,9 Mach
Max. range: 2.748 km
First flew: October 1968 (that is correct) To make you feel better the same
plane with some minor modification was/still being used by bulgarian Balkan,
cuban Cubana, polish Lot and the Syrian Air airlines.

Regards Les Garam