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Date:         19 Jul 98 22:07:21 
From:         Maciej =?iso-8859-1?Q?Kwiecie=F1?=  <>
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At the very beginning welcome to everybody on this very interesting group!
Sorry for any stupid young age mistakes I can make as a newbie... ;-)

By the way... Reading your quite professional posts I wonder: How many of
you are real airline pilots?

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newsgroup.  Maciej, if you'd like to summarize the responses you get
feel free topost that.  Karl]

Any way...
At 02:42 01-07-98, Andrew Oliva wrote:
>I'm flying internally within Russia this August and am looking to see if
>there is somewhere I can go to look for technical specs on this
>aircraft on the internet?

I have never been looking on the Internet for any information connected with
Tupolev-154 but my father was a cpt. in Polish Airlines on Tu-154M for
several years and I still have a complete in-flight manual. If you are
intersting in any special information - don't hesitate to ask for. ;-)

Maciej Kwiecien