Vagar airport, Faeroe Islands

Date:         11 Jul 98 03:00:31 
From:         Andre Neves <>
Organization: EUnet Portugal
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Anybody knows Vagar airport in the Faeroe Islands?
It seems a 737 operates there every day, and the
runway is 4100x100 feet long (Maersk).
I would love to know what kind of procedures are
in place to land and take-off from such an extreme
airport. I imagine the 737 probably uses all the runway
to stop after eating up some 1000 feet to touchdown.
Does it mean that a 737 after all wheels are on the ground
can brake in, say, 1000 feet from over 120 knots if the
runway is dry? because sometimes (many) the runway will
be wet!
All inputs very wellcome...