Re: An-124 and wing dihedral

Date:         11 Jul 98 03:00:29 
From: (MechB747)
Organization: AOL
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>I'm no engineer either, but I recall this concept from my ATP study.
>Most large airplanes have what's called a Zero Fuel Weight, a weight
>beyond which you cannot add more passengers or cargo - you can
>only add fuel.  I imagine it's based on the bending forces that will be
>present where the wings (lift) meet the fuselage (non-fuel load).

A FedEx MD-11 pilot I talked to said  MZFW has to do with the wing bending
between the fuselage and the landing gear while on the ground

Since we're on the subject of MZFW, this is for everyone who thinks the 777
won't be as good a freighter as the MD-11...     :-)

              BOW        MZFW   Max Payload    MTOW
777-200ER   316,800    430,000    113,200    656,000
MD-11ER     294,200    400,000    105,800    630,500

Student Pilot, 747 Assembler. construction...