Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         11 Jul 98 03:00:27 
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H Andrew Chuang <> writes:

>I guess not being tall is not that bad after all.  ;-)  For Cathay, the
>seating in the A330 is a great improvement over the L-1011 which the
>A330 replaces.  (Cathay's L-1011 was configured with ten-abreast
>economy seating instad of the usual nine-abreast one.)  Cathay's A330 is
>used mostly on regional routes, and East Asians are on the average
>smaller.  Perhaps, that's why Cathay use the tighter configuration to
>maximize its revenue without annoying the majority of its customers.

Or perhaps it's aircraft-specific. I flew a CX A330 and 777-200 on the
same route, and found the latter superior in comfort (and being tall,
seat pitch and I suppose seat configuration are rather important :).

If the A330, which is bad, is an improvement over the L1011, then I suppose
I should be grateful that the Lockheeds are gone!

>P.P.S. Cathay is seeking potential customers to lease the four
>B777-200As that it owns.  The -200A and the A330 cater to nearly
>the identical market sector.  Having both in the fleet simply doesn't
>make too much sense.

Bummer. I'd hate to see those 777s phased out in favor of a (from _my_ POV)
inferior aircraft. I thought they'd kind of swap types depending on the
load for that route for that day: A330 --> 777-200 --> 747.

Ed R.