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Date:         11 Jul 98 03:00:23 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>I belive DC-10s are already stage-III compliant, I know the L-1011 is.

As I understand it, United's DC-10-10s are not Stage III, but their
DC-10-30s are.  Other carriers may differ.

>For that matter, I think the 747-100 is.

United's are not, but they are relatively high MGTOW aircraft (750,000
lbs, or 734,000 lbs for two remaining ones which were never upgraded).
Other carriers, operating their aircraft at lower weights, might manage
Stage III.

>Your comment does apply to the DC-9 fleet, but since a number of cargo
>carriers have found it quite economical to hushkit DC-9s and 727s, I
>don't see why it would be any less feasible for a passenger carrier.

The difference is that many cargo carriers operate far fewer flights per
day than passenger carriers.  Domestic Fed Ex planes, for example, fly
from Memphis to some other city and then back each day.  At worst, they
might add on a tag, for a whopping total of four daily flights, with
many sitting idle over the weekend.  Assuming no tags, no weekend
flying, and two weeks out each year for a C check, that's only 500
cycles per year.  In contrast, AW&ST said Northwest's DC-9s are
averaging 2,000 cycles per year.

Now assume a DC-9 is 10,000 cycles away from some major and expensive
chunk of work, at which point it's more economic to scrap the plane.  A
hushkit on a Northwest must pay for itself within five years.  The cargo
carrier can amortize the cost of its DC-9 hushkitting over 20 years.  It
might well make sense for the cargo carrier to add hushkits, but not the
passenger carrier.

>I had heard once or twice that Delta may hushkit quite a few 727s, but
>I've never had that confirmed definitively.

I think they've started.  I know United put its first hushkitted 727s in
the air a few months ago, and has firm orders for kits to do 59 of its
75 727s, with options for kits for the other 16.  UA also plans to put
hushkits on their 24 737-200 Advanceds.  (The non-Advanced 737-222s will
not get hushkits; the last of them will be gone by the end of the year.)

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