Re: Northwest's DC-10's

Date:         11 Jul 98 03:00:22 
From:         "S.L." <look@the.sig>
Organization: Applied Research Laboratories - The University of Texas at Austin
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Peter Frei wrote:
> Physically the noise regulations that will come into effect in the next few
> years will limit the use of these older, not- stage-three aircraft severely.
> Unless NW heavily invests in hush-kits, it may be cheaper buying new. Older
> aircraft usually require more attention during maintenance, thus driving
> costs up.

I belive DC-10s are already stage-III compliant, I know the L-1011 is.
For that matter, I think the 747-100 is. Your comment does apply to the
DC-9 fleet, but since a number of cargo carriers have found it quite
economical to hushkit DC-9s and 727s, I don't see why it would be any
less feasible for a passenger carrier. I had heard once or twice that
Delta may hushkit quite a few 727s, but I've never had that confirmed

Stephen Lacker
Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin (Remove the extra 'x' to mail me)