Findings on China Airlines' A300 crash in Taiwan

Date:         11 Jul 98 03:00:11 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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Taiwan's CAA has released its findings on the A300 crash near Taipei
last February.  The authorities concluded that the crash was caused by
human errors.  The co-pilot was new to the aircraft type, and the pilot
was too concerned with the deteriorating weather conditions (which would
have forced the plane to divert to Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan).  The
captain also ignored serveral warnings of being too high during the

However, to my surprise, Taiwan's CAA demanded China Airlines to phase
out the A300 in two years under the recommendation of "experts" (foreign
and local).  According to the news article that I read, they claim
the A300 are not "suitable" for East Asian pilots!  Well, no matter
how silly this recommendation sounds, some people at Boeing must be
happy to hear this.  Expect a sizable B777 (or B777/767) order soon
from CI.