AF Triple Seven double Engine Trouble at Tenerife

Date:         06 Jul 98 03:24:44 
From:         "Thomas J. Bueld" <>
Organization: Nacamar Data Communications
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I saw a Boeing TripleSeven of Air France at Tenerife Airport, Canary
Island on July 4th, 98, chanching both Engines. Sources of the airport
reported that there was an Inflight Engine ShutDown on a flight between
France and SouthAmerica due Engine Fire followed by trouble with the
remainig engine and a subsequent Emergency Landing at TFS. No reports by
officials (Boeing/Air France) so far.

For me it is for shure that the development of Mega size Engines will
become People Killer. It is unbelievable that both manufactures and
Certification Instituitions are continuing to allow this type of
Megatwins to operate in remote areas of the world (oceans) on a 180 min

EROPS basis from of the production lines despite of the known series of
Engine troubles. There are Aircrafts on offer like 747s, MD11s and
A340s, which are much more healthier to travellers like the aircraft
mentioned above.

How long will public kept in the dark about the risk in choosing such
aircrafts ? Any comment ?

Capt. T. Bueld