Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         06 Jul 98 03:24:39 
From:         "Neil Gerace" <>
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Garry Forrest wrote in message ...
>The folks who buy and operate engines think less is better. If we could
>figure out how to strap a single engine to a fuselage, believe me we'd
>do it. (But where would you put the revenue bodies?)

And what would you tell their next-of-kin when the single engine fails?
Two or more engines are safer than one. I'm sure the folks who buy and
operate engines know this.

The BAe 146 is a small plane. Planes that size don't need four engines
but it has them for extra safety and to bypass ETOPS restrictions.

Why does the A340 exist when the A330 is the same size and has only
two engines? To exploit the greater freedoms in the rules which planes
with more than two engines enjoy.

BTW a single-jet civilian plane does exist.

VisionAire Vantage
Powerplant: one 12.9kN P&W Canada JT12D-5 turbofan.
MTOM: 3175 kg.
First flight: 16/12/96
Service entry planned for late this year or early next.

It has two intakes, oval shaped on either side of the rear part of the
roof. The exhaust is invisible in the photo but would appear to be
under the tail. Sorry, I don't have a scanner.

It requires only one pilot and seats five passengers, one beside the
pilot and four in a 2+2 club arrangement in the main cabin.