Re: 757 flap restriction

Date:         06 Jul 98 03:24:36 
From: (Brad Hunnewell)
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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On 17 May 98 00:42:53 , "Yves E. Hoebeke" <> wrote:
>I am currently studying for my DX certificate. I choose the B757 as the
>aircraft for it.
>Anyway, the aircraft manual states not to use flaps above FL200. I believe
>the B737 has the same restriction.
>Unfortunately, I can not get anyone to give me a clear answer on why the
>restriction exists.

I asked that very question in 737 school, and the answer I got was:
don't use flaps above 20,000 ft because the limit airspeeds in the
book are in indicated airspeed. If Boeing had published (and been paid
for) flap limits in Mach #, it would be OK. But nobody wants that info
because nobody can imagine why we would want to use flaps above 20,000
ft, anyway!
Just what I heard.