Re: 757 flap restriction

Date:         06 Jul 98 03:24:35 
From:         Matthew Kranz <>
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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Yves E. Hoebeke wrote:

> Anyway, the aircraft manual states not to use flaps above FL200. I believe
> the B737 has the same restriction.
> Unfortunately, I can not get anyone to give me a clear answer on why the
> restriction exists.

The B727 has a similar restriction. I was told that the restriction exists
simply because, during certification testing, the test crews never extended
the flaps above FL200. Therefore, to prevent your everyday airline pilot from
venturing into the unknown and becoming a test pilot, the restriction was
placed in the AFM.

Hope this helps.
    Matthew K. Kranz       COMM/Multi/Inst.
       Greensboro, NC         Flight Engineer