Re: 707 : How did it get its name ?

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:53 
From: (MegaZone)
Organization: WPI Discordian Society, Undocumented Cabal of the Accursed Saint Shiranto Joe
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  or MIME structure (Brian Clouse) shaped the electrons to say:
>Maybe the designations B-17, B-47, and KC-97 were coincidences, maybe not.

They were.  B-15?  B-29?  B-52?  And a number of others. All Boeings.
The USAAC and USAF made no special effort to end Boeing arcraft in '7'.

>  I doubt the VC-137 designation for the first jet Air Force One was a
>coincidence, for instance.

I believe it is.  It came shortly after the C-135, almost immediately
thereafter.  Something else got -136 between them, I'll try to dig up
what that was unless someone else has it.

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