Re: DC9-30 Alitalia

Date:         06 Jul 98 03:24:29 
From:         "Brian Maddison" <>
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Augusto LAGHI wrote:
> Is there anyone having info about US registrations of Alitalia/ATI
> DC-9/30 and their relationship with previous Italian registration ?

I assume you mean the ones Northwest acquired.
Here goes:
N601NW was I-DIBA, N602NW = I-DIBE, N603NW= I-DIBL
N604NW = I-DIBP, N605NW = I-DIBM, N606NW= I-RIFG
N607NW = I-RIFY, N608NW = I-RIFC, N609NW= I-RIFD
N610NW = I-RIFB, N611NA = I-RIFL, N612NW= I-RIFZ
N613NW = I-RIFP, N614NW = I-RIFH, N615NW= I-DIBI
N616NW = I-RIFS, N617NW = I-RIFJ, N618NW= I-RIFU
N619NW = I-RIFE, N620NW = I-RIFV, N621NW= I-RIFM
N622NW = I-RIFW, N623NW = I-RIFT

details at

Brian @ YYJ