Ramp Arrivals Technology

Date:         06 Jul 98 03:24:26 
From:         "Ken" <kenbyNOSPAM@pc.jaring.my>
Organization: TMnet Malaysia
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The new Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has opening has been met
with a lot of derision from passengers and flight crews alike; with plenty
of associated press coverage. One of the procedural temporary changes has
necessitated the aircraft to stop short of the ramp, disregarding the
automatic guidance system, and then wait for the aircraft to be marshalled
into position.

Apparently there may be some problems with the calibration of the system
which flight crews use to position the aircraft at the ramp i.e.
Left/Right/Stop indications. I had assumed the equipment was purely optical
however today I learnt the latest technology employs sensors and the problem
may be related to the fuselage/nose gear wheel well doors disturbing the
sensor feedback.

Could someone shed some more light on how these latest technology guidance
systems work?

Many thanks!