Re: Measurement of airliners

Date:         01 Jul 98 02:42:32 
From:         Don Stauffer <>
Organization: honeywell
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Kim Hackett wrote:
> >wheelbase- don't know what an aircraft designer calls it.  The drawings
> >in Janes are pretty small for scaling to measure this.  There are quite
> >a few 737s and A320s on the tape.  Anyone know where to find that
> >measurement for either of those, or any other popular airliner?
> Doesn't Janes have this information in tabular form under geometric description?

They only have 'overall dimensions', like length, etc.  Since the
larger  aircraft are longer than can fit in a frame, I find it hard to

However, we ended up not getting the project, so it looks like the info
is moot at this point anyway.  Thanks anyway, guys.

Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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