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Date:         01 Jul 98 02:42:26 
From: (David W. Levine)
Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and Unix, NYC
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In <airliners.1998.1022@ohare.Chicago.COM> Evan McElravy <> writes:
>On the ground is no problem though, assuming the crew has the time to
>accomodate your wishes (better chances after a flight than before). I got to
>spend about ten minutes in the first officer's seat of a B-1900D a few years
>back (during a layover) and have got quick runovers of other aircraft
>before, too, most recently one of Continental's 737-700s. The captain
>actually extended an invitation to all the gearheads to stick their heads in
>their way out the door.

Assuming they aren't on a quick turn or a chaotic schedule, my
impressino is most flight crews love to show off thier toys. I've
spent more a few delays up front chatting with the pilots. They'll be
monitoring ATC, or the guys doing a repair, or whatever, but, to a
large degree, they're bored too. Spent 45 minutes with a AA crew which
was showing off the latest slick stuff the brand new plane they had
could do. Pulling up waypoints, checking the number of hours on
each engine, etc. Very nice stuff, and these guys were proud of it.
Ask nice, and you'll generally get at least a quick look.

- David