Re: Northwest's DC-10's

Date:         01 Jul 98 02:42:21 
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EHaase2463 wrote:
> The June issue of World Airline Fleets states that Northwest estimates
> a 42 year life for 173 of its DC-9's and an even longer life for its
> DC-10's.  The article indicates that the DC-9's may last for 15 more
> years and that DC-10 could fly 23 more years.  Is it desirable and
> realistic for a major airline to keep its aircraft for so long?

Only for the same reason that you probably wouldn't drive a 1982 Buick.
Even if the car was in top running order, "its not new".  Most people
today have a fictation about that.

Its true that the older an aircraft gets, the more maintenance it may
require.  But as long as that required maintenance is performed and it
remains economical to do it,  there is nothing wrong with the aircraft.

Most of Northwests DC-10's have used up only about 25% of their life
cycle (in terms of takeoffs and landings).  They are realatively cheap
to operate and are capabile of operating into the 21st century.

Keep in mind that those new aircraft rolling off the Boeing and Airbus
production line are extremely expensive.  When you consider the cost of
the aircraft and the cost of maintenance over its lifetime, there is
barely room for any profit.