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Date:         01 Jul 98 02:42:18 
From: (Ron Parsons)
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In article <airliners.1998.1021@ohare.Chicago.COM>, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM
(Karl Swartz) wrote:

>>It takes practice to think global rather than a chart on a wall.
>>Vancouver to London is shorter than Dallas to London. Flying from deep
>>Europe, say Paris or Frankfurt to the US...  Miami is only 30 min. nearer
>>than Dallas and Los Angeles only 30 minutes farther. Both Anchorage and
>>Rio de Janerio are closer.
>>From Frankfurt, the distances (in statute miles) are as follows:
>   FRA-MIA   4,823
>   FRA-DFW   5,135
>   FRA-LAX   5,800
>   FRA-GIG   5,900
>   FRA-ANC   4,676

Why would you quote statute miles? I did not bother to check your numbers,
but I suspect they are great circle, actual routes are typically a bit
longer due to ATC routings.

>At typical westbound cruise speeds, Miami is probably nearly an hour
>closer than Dallas and Los Angeles is nearly two hours further, not a
>mere 30 minutes.  And Rio de Janeiro is hardly closer, though Anchorage
>>From Paris (CDG), Rio de Janeiro (GIG) is a mere two miles closer than
>LAX, and Anchorage is over 100 miles further away than MIA.  Otherwise,
>the same comments apply.

You are assuming a constant ground speed. Winds are typically lighter at
higher latitudes. My times were based on both experience and inflight
estimates by the FMC.

>>Bye the way, a B767-200ER weighs in at 351,000 and the -300ER at 400,000.
>351,000 lbs is the MGTOW for a 767-200, not the ER version, which as
>Malcolm said goes up to 395,000 lbs.  400,000 lbs was the MGTOW for
>the 767-300(ER) but they bumped it to 412,000 lbs several years ago.
>A further increase may be in the works, using some parts from the

Certifications vary depending on customer and engine combination. For
example the Increase you mentioned for the 300ER was a paperwork item
only, no modifications required. I stand by the 200 vs. 200ER weights.