Re: Pilot's Braking Options

Date:         01 Jul 98 02:42:14 
From:         Augusto LAGHI <>
Organization: Italia Online
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Charles Platt wrote:
> I have the impression that on some landings, a pilot may apply a whole lot
> of braking force in order to slow down enough to take an earlier turnout
> from the runway. A couple of times, coming into Newark on Continental (an
> airport/airline combination that I have become very familiar with, over
> the years) I've felt the brakes go on very hard, and we _just_ make it
> into a turnout that probably brings us back to the terminal a minute or
> two more quickly than if we slowed more gently and proceeded farther down
> the runway before turning off it--which is what normally happens. More
> recently, into Phoenix in a 737 on AmericaWest, the braking was the

It depend on the separation from the following aircraft on final for the
same runway.  If the landed aircraft is not able to clear the runway
quickly, maybe the following must perform a go-around.

        Augusto Laghi