Date:         29 Jun 98 02:38:21 
From: (Donbikes)
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>In answering a question on use of reverse thrust , asymmetric use of
>reversers Mandy Bartels said that the 'power' on the b747-400 is reduced to
>'idle' and the reversers are operated in that position to minimise the
>opposition to brakes or words to that effect.
>Surely the 'thrust' is reduced to 'zero' with the reversers at the interlock
>position, ie , so no forward or reverse thrust is produced. This is a far
>cry from 'idle' thrust that on a cold winter morning can be over 1200lbs per
>engine (approx 5000 total) that works against the brakes on landing rollout.
>Its not just terminology.    cowboy

Sorry, Cowboy, the only way you can get zero thrust is to shut the engines
down.  With the engines running, the minimum thrust is idle, which can be used
in two flavors - forward or reverse.

Don S.

Don Stimson
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