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Date:         29 Jun 98 02:38:17 
From: (Ron Parsons)
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In article <airliners.1998.986@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Malcolm Weir) wrote:
>On 26 Jun 98 02:37:38 , caused to appear as if
>it was written:
>>Quite a long time.  8 hrs isn't even what CPs (or ACs) 767s (CP uses
>>-300ERs only) from YVR to LHR.  Reverse direction is almost 10 hours.
>>CP also does LHR to Beijing in a 767-300ER which is some 11 hours.
>>Any longer 767 routes out there?
>Not a route, but an E-767 AWACS has a 13 hour mission endurance withing 300
>miles of its base, and then its time for a drink (OK, time to tank).
>This is a B767-200 with a very big round thing stuck on the back...  MGTOW
>is 385,000lbs compared with the commercial B767-200's 395,000lbs...

It takes practice to think global rather than a chart on a wall.
Vancouver to London is shorter than Dallas to London. Flying from deep
Europe, say Paris or Frankfurt to the US...  Miami is only 30 min. nearer
than Dallas and Los Angeles only 30 minutes farther. Both Anchorage and
Rio de Janerio are closer.

Bye the way, a B767-200ER weighs in at 351,000 and the -300ER at 400,000.