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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:55 
From: (G3AV8TOR)
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When I was a kid, my parents would frequenlty take me to Atlanta Airport. I
would sit next to what is now the approach end of 26R for hours and watch the
jets come and go. (Not to mention the Connies, Electras...I feel old.)

The business jets I fly will have a take-off speed of about 120-135 knots
indicated depending on takeoff weight, airport elevation, and outside
temperature. I say indicated because the actual speed, or true airspeed, can be
higher due to airport altitude and outside temperature. And, of course, the
ground speed is affected by a headwind of tailwind. (A headwind is preferable.)

My final approach speed is usually between 120-140 knots indicated.  This
number is based on the aircraft weight at landing and  wind.  The more I weigh,
the higher the approach speed. More speed is added for gusty winds.  This is
usually bled off 10 to 15 knots over the runway threshold before touchdown.
Again, true airspeed and groundspeed will be affected by the same factors
mentioned above.

Someone in the newsgroup will be able to be able to answer your questions on
the 767. I think that the speeds are not going to be much different.

I would suggest you ask a flight attendant for a tour of the cockpit. Whether
or not you will get one depends on the airline's  rules, cockpit work load, the
crews  mood that day,...etc.  I would definitely not suggest barging in.

Most airports have standard arrival and departure procedures for each runway in
use. The runway in use is ususally dertermined by the wind direction. Note the
wind direction on the days the aircraft are flying overhead. The wind direction
on the days the aircraft are not overhead will probably be different.


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it ain't fixed, don't fly it."