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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:54 
From: (MechB747)
Organization: AOL
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>1.) How fast are typical jets going just before you take off. I
>usually try to fly Delta's 767s out of Hartsfield for business, and
>I've always wondered just how fast we are going down the runway.

...On a 737 rotation is around 130kts+ (150mph?)  Climbout is around 160,
accelerate to 210, then flaps up, then the FAA max of 250 below 10,000 feet.
Above 10,000 or the class B airspace climb is 280-320 kts.
Most airliners operate at about the same landing speeds, but the widebodies
with highly swept wings like the 747 and DC-10 are a little faster, I think.
(The 777 can go as slow as a 737 due to it's large flaps.)

>2.) How about landing?

...About 135kts, but all speeds vary with weight.  Approach speeds are in the
area of 170-210kts (6 or more miles from the airport, limited to 250kts under

>3.) Someone once said Hartsfield has one of the longest runways in the
>world. How long does a runway have to be to accomodate a 767 to
>landing? I understand there's a minimum, but on the average?

Landing: 5,600'
Takeoff: 7,900'

>4.) Is it possible, as a layman, to see the cockpit during flight? I
>do some free-lance writing and have been offered a story involving
>business travel and nearly everyone I question about the story wants
>to know if they can see the cockpit? Do they ask a flight attendant?
>Write the airline in advance? Barge in during a coffee break? <g>

...I Wish!  The FAA doesn't allow this.  :-(   you'll have to fly outside of
the U.S.

>5.) I live in Northeast Atlanta and frequently see decending jets over
>our apartment complex...although I can't tell how high they are...and
>was wondering f they always use the same flight path when decending.
>Once in while, I notice they don't seem to be flying over very

They will be landing and taking off into the wind, so they change direction,
and if the airport has runways at different angles to each other they may use a
differrunway depending on the wind.  I'm not familiar with your airport or how
far out from the airport you are, but there are often a couple different
published approaches.

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