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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:53 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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GO PACK! ( wrote:

: 1.) How fast are typical jets going just before you take off.

around 150-160 knots=170-185 mph.

: 2.) How about landing?

About the same.

: 3.) Someone once said Hartsfield has one of the longest runways in the
: world. How long does a runway have to be to accomodate a 767 to
: landing? I understand there's a minimum, but on the average?

I think it is probably on the Boeing webpages, but maybe not.  It varies
with the temperature, barometric pressure, airport altitude and the weight
of the airplane.   Almost every kind of jet can be landed on a 5000 foot
runway, but most people don't like to do it.  8000 feet is nice and 10000
us better.

: 4.) Is it possible, as a layman, to see the cockpit during flight? I
: do some free-lance writing and have been offered a story involving
: business travel and nearly everyone I question about the story wants
: to know if they can see the cockpit? Do they ask a flight attendant?
: Write the airline in advance? Barge in during a coffee break? <g>

Not on U.S. registered aircraft.  On many foreign lines, see the captain.

: 5.) I live in Northeast Atlanta and frequently see decending jets over
: our apartment complex...although I can't tell how high they are...and
: was wondering f they always use the same flight path when decending.
: Once in while, I notice they don't seem to be flying over very
: frequently.

Most follow roughly the same pattern at the end of their approach to an
airport, but in visual weather, the crew can deviate to some extent.  In
instrument conditions, all planes will be as close to the same pattern as
they can be.

When the wind favors landing in the other directions, most of the planes
will be taking off in your direction and probably diverge on their various
routes before they reach you.