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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:52 
From:         "Matthew J. Smedley" <>
Organization: Penn State University, Center for Academic Computing
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I can answer this one...the other ones I'm not entirely sure about.

On 16 Jun 1998, GO PACK! wrote:

> 4.) Is it possible, as a layman, to see the cockpit during flight? I
> do some free-lance writing and have been offered a story involving
> business travel and nearly everyone I question about the story wants
> to know if they can see the cockpit? Do they ask a flight attendant?
> Write the airline in advance? Barge in during a coffee break? <g>

Any ship registered in the United States is forbidden by FAA
regulations to allow an unauthorized person (i.e., non-airline or
non-regulatory) in the cockpit during flight so no luck on your
internal business traveling. However, most foreign carriers will allow
it -- I took advantage of this on a flight on a British Airways 777
from London to Philadelphia and got to spend about 10 minutes chatting
with the very friendly captain as we were flying over Newfoundland.

Matt Smedley