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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:51 
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> Greetings. As one of about 15 members of the human race that would
> actually spend an afternoon at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport watching
> planes land...

Oh, there's a lot more than that. In fact, there's a large convention of such
people meeting next week in Seattle (see

> 4.) Is it possible, as a layman, to see the cockpit during flight?

Not on a US airline. According to FAA regulations, only a very restricted
group of people are allowed in an airline's cockpit while in flight. But
there's no problem on the ground. Usually, the cockpit door is open during
check-in -- just poke your head in and say hello. In some cases they'll tell
you're too busy to talk to you, but usually they're quite friendly. On non-US
airlines, it's usually up to the pilot. Ask the flight attendant to convey a
request to visit the cockpit; I've seldom been refused.

Stefano Pagiola
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