Re: Airbus trim system?

Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:43 
From:         "Richard Rea" <>
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Scott Macmillan wrote in message ...
>eg. Lets say your in a light aircraft in level flight, then you decide
>to climb.  You add power then pull back on the yoke, then trim the
>aircraft to maintain the climb attitude.
>Now lets say you decide to remain in level flight, but fly at a higher
>air speed.  You would add power, then push the yoke forward to maintain
>level flight, then trim.
>If you were to do the same in the airbus, how do the computers know if
>the pilot wants to climb, or if he wants to fly at a higher airspeed?

Actually, at least in small aircraft, the trim establishes the airspeed.
Changing the power will cause the plane to either climb (more power) or
descend (less power).  You trim the plane for best rate-of-climb (or
cruise-climb, if you're not in a hurry to get up) and then you trim for
cruise speed.

You can't compare the rather simple autopilot of a light aircraft with the
more sophisticated autopilot/flight computers of modern airliners.