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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:42 
From:         k_ish <>
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> I was wondering, now that the only Douglas line Boeing has decided to
> keep open is the 717, do they not have a much larger capacity now?  With
> this added factory capacity, can they not add production there of more
> popular aircraft? Therefore reducing delays in delivery and current
> congestion in their current plants?  Since the MD-80/90 and MD-11 are
> gone, cant they start a new line for 737s (regular production ones, not
> just special types as they have said), could this give them an advantage
> over Airbus when making delivery promises? I'm sure they are already
> thinking along these lines, sure beats keeping those plants empty.

As you probably know, building an aircraft production line is a massive
capital investment.  As you also probably know, the airliner industry is
very cyclic.  It wouldn't make much sense IMHO to invest the capital and
probably get the production capacity on line right as the next downturn hit.

A much more sensible use of the capacity in LGB is exactly what Boeing is
doing....using it to help with completion of "green" aircraft.

Ken Ishiguro