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Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:41 
From: (MechB747)
Organization: AOL
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>I was wondering, now that the only Douglas line Boeing has decided to
>keep open is the 717, do they not have a much larger capacity now?  With
>this added factory capacity, can they not add production there of more
>popular aircraft? Therefore reducing delays in delivery and current
>congestion in their current plants?  Since the MD-80/90 and MD-11 are
>gone, cant they start a new line for 737s (regular production ones, not
>just special types as they have said), could this give them an advantage
>over Airbus when making delivery promises? I'm sure they are already
>thinking along these lines, sure beats keeping those plants empty.

You got that right!  They have thought about it, and have sent a couple
737s down their for "finish work" prior to delivery... I think these may
be Garuda's which of course wont be purchased for a little while because
of the Asian economy.  There are supposed to be a total of 10 737s going
to Long Beach, if they're not already there.  There was a press release
about this which also mentioned that they are considering opening a 737
line in long beach for the Business Jets and Combi's so that Renton
could just do a lot of standard passenger models without getting slowed
down with the other derivitaves.  They are also considering  assembling
some of the passenger 737s down there in the future.  Sounds like a good
idea to get caught up, but nobody up here agrees with me!  :-)

This would be a good way to keep the people in Long Beach working while
catching up on the 737 deliveries.

They are also doing finish work on some 757s at Everett now to free up
employees in Renton to work only on 737s.

This was all in a press release by the way....

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