Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:52 
From: (matt weber)
Organization: 1st Solutions Inc.
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>Upsizing the 62K engine's fan just a little -- enough to get a bit
>more thrust without resorting to the potentially substantial air-
>frame mods needed to accomodate A330-class engines -- probably is
>not an economically viable option for the engine manufacturers.
>>... I would have thought that the wing was just about pushed
>>it its limit. In short, is the wing going to be able to lift the
>>weight necessary to get the full A330-200 range even if the aircraft
>>has bigger engines?

I don't pushing the engine performance of the existing GE engines is in the
cards. the 62k rating was at the top  of the CF-60C2 to begin with. The fact
that they couldn't get more out of the design drove the GE90 program.
Certainly the JT9D-7Q's used on some 767's aren't going to grow either, they
were also the last of the breed. The RR  G and H engines available are now the
same as used on the 747-400, and they are biggest and the last of the RB211
family as well. Some late 767's have PW4000's, and there is growth their, the
is: is there sufficient market to justify the investment to do so? It seems to
me that  a growth version of either the RR or GE engines for these aircraft
just isn't in the cards. My opinions anyway.