Re: TWA radar image of cargo door

Date:         16 Apr 97 01:55:59 
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(Stephen Westin ) wrote:

> Please explain how UA811 returned safely to Hawaii, while TW800 fell
> into the ocean when allegedly the same thing happened.

Please explain how Pan Am Flight 125 in March 1987 had a door open and it
did not tear off like UAL 811 but stayed open two inches, plane did not
pressurize and returned and landed. AD 88-12-04 was written to stop the
door from opening but not implemented on UAL 811 which also had door open
but two things did not not happen, the nose did not crumple into door hole
crease like AI 182, PA 103, and TWA 800, and the door did not stay open
two inches like PA 125 but opened up, out, and away taking skin and nine
passengers with it. There was a one second delay from door opening to door
tearing away for UAL 811, that may have been enough to let some of the
pressurization to equalize and therefore less skin was torn away when door
did go thereby nose was slightly less weakened and stayed on, or the
aircraft was younger by 20000 hours and stronger, or as the pilot said to
explain nose staying on, "I just came off autopilot and did not fight the
  The destructive force is the 300 knot slipstream, this is not a gondola
under a  balloon whose hatch blows, this is a severely damaged aircraft in
twice hurricane force winds.
  When door opens in flight different things happen depending on altitude
and sequence of faulty opening.
  And there is a whole page on the thousand page wrecksite
that explains in detail, "Door goes, nose goes?"
Thank you for your interest in aviaton safety. John Barry Smith