Re: Gimli 767 nose gear

Date:         16 Apr 97 01:55:59 
From: (Dan Banks)
Organization: The Ohio State University
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In article <airliners.1997.858@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Greg Croydon) writes:

>>Larry Stone ( wrote:

>>     I need a little clarification here.  First, how much lift can the
>>wings produce at 10 knots?  Not enough, I suspect, to keep the plane
>>from tipping over while perched on one landing gear--unless there was
>>quite a headwind....

>In reply to the frist part. The wings stopped 'working' a long time
>ago, specially if the ground activated spoilers extended on landing.
>Interestingly enough, the nose wheel does not come crashing down
>because the wings stop working. Possibly the total effect of the
>airframe and the still-flying tail work to produce some lift which
>enables the pilot the control the lowering of the nose. I know I can
>do it on the DC9-32 down to about 40 KIAS.

How far are the mains from the aerodynamic center of the wing?  I have a
feeling that the pitching moment created by the wing is much more important
that the lift it creates in this situation.  An even more important effect
would be the moment imparted by the elevator.

Dan Banks