Re: Fuel data and specific fuel consumption

Date:         16 Apr 97 01:55:58 
From:         Thomas R Turton <>
Organization: Hughes Training Inc.
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Joel Grasmeyer wrote:
> I am looking for some information on the fuel used in large commercial
> transports such as the 777 and 747.
> What fuel or fuels are typically used, and what is the density and the
> current price?  Dan Raymer's book provides some data, but only for
> aviation gasoline, JP-4, JP-5, and JP-8.
> Also, what is the specific fuel consumption of a 747 and/or 777?
> Thanks,


 This is NOT an area I am current in, but will offer what little
I can in hopes that someone more knowledgeable will post any

 Density/weight of fuel varies with temperature.  Commercial
fuels (at least when I was up to speed on them) are approximately
similar to the JP fuels as follows:
     Jet A ~ JP-5
     Jet B ~ JP-4

  (Do they even still go by Jet A & B anymore?).

 From my handy-dandy P&W Aeronautical Vestpocket Handbook:
    Fuel      Specific Gravity at  degC     Spec Wt (lb/U.S. gal)
    JP-4            0.785                      6.55
    JP-5            0.817           15         6.82
    Jet A           0.808           15         6.74

    JP-8  is approximately the same as JP-5, from my understanding
    (using Lockheed weight and balance data for an F-16 in which
     they treat JP-4 as 6.5 lb/gal and JP-5,JP-8 as 6.8 lb/gal).

   Don't have it handy at work, but will try and dig up more info
   at home from Jan Roskam's Design books - have you checked these?
   Email me back if you still need more info, and if I can find
   some, I'll forward it to you.

  ---Tom Turton
     Hughes Training, Inc
     Arlington, TX
     (another Hokie, BS AOE, class of '78)