Re: Boeing 767 & 757 Airfoil Data

Date:         16 Apr 97 01:55:58 
From:         Bryan Bresler <>
Organization: The Boeing Company
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David Lednicer wrote:
> Matt Ford wrote:
> > I am looking for the following data for the Boeing 767 & 757 wings:
> >
> > ***NACA or NASA airfoil number, or a close approximation.
> > ***Angle of incidince across the wing.

>         Boeing does not put their airfoil coordinates or test data in the
> public domain.  However, the wind tunnel test of a 737-200 is reported

I've often wondered about this.  Couldn't a competitor obtain
coordinates for the wing, or the entire airplane, simply by
parking it on a flat surface and measuring it?  This probably
doesn't answer the original question as Matt probably wouldn't
be able to get ahold of a 767 or 757, measure it, or even get
it into his garage.