Re: US Airways Fleet Changes

Date:         16 Apr 97 01:55:57 
From:         "J. Heilig" <>
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David F. Wagener wrote:
> Anyone have any clue when the Fokkers will be sent to Arizona?

	I assume you mean the F.28s?  Not sure.  I doubt the F.100s are going
anywhere anytime soon.  See below

> Also, I understand that the DC-9s will be phased out here they
> won't be getting the new pretty colors. :P  Will the Airbuses...whenever
> they come...replace the entire 737 and MD80 fleet then?

	According to the latest I've heard, Airbus now considers the
USAir(ways) deal a letter of intent only.  They're not cutting any metal
for any of those airplanes, and my own feeling is, I doubt you'll ever
see one delivered to AL.  Airbus Industrie was smart enough to see the
writing on the wall and not get a bunch of money tied up in USAirways
right now.  Unless and until they clean up their financial act, nobody's
going to give them credit.

> Kinda dumb if you ask me. I have grown to associate the 737 with
> USAir...since they fly just about the greatest number of them. If you ask
> me...the billions to be spent on 400 A-319/320/321 is dumb. Should use the
> money to pick up next-gen 737s and more long range planes (767s and 777s).

	Boeing likes money up front.  737s are more expensive than A320s,
and Airbus Industrie will finance anyone with a pulse (which leads me to
my thoughts about USAirways' future..see above).  Boeing sells enough
airplanes to airlines with cash that they don't have to worry about
financing losers or potential losers.  The Airbus deal included (IIRC)
some A330s in it.

Jennings Heilig