Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

Date:         16 Apr 97 01:55:56 
From:         Alan Wong <>
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Emile Okal wrote:
> > Steve Lacker wrote:
> >
> >         Be glad we'll still have them around to look at (and ride on) for a
> > number of years yet.  They're almost totally extinct in the rest of the
> > world, except for Central/South America...
> 727s extinct?
> There are still plenty of them to be seen daily at ORD (AA, UA), STL
> (TW), just to mention a few.

Steve Lacker meant 727s are almost extinct outside the Americas. And he's
right.  Passenger 727s are being retired rather quickly or converted to
cargo only. The only passenger 727s I can think of operating outside the
Americas are Continental Micronesia, Ansett Australia (which are being
withdrawn this weekend), BA in South Africa. I'm sure I've missed some,
but you get the idea - there aren't very many of them.