Re: Two DC-10s

Date:         15 Apr 97 12:56:43 
From:         Richard Silagi <>
Organization: Prodigy Internet
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James Oliver wrote:
> Any help with the histories of two DC-10s we flew this week?
> They are...
> Thanks in advance, and clear skies to all

DC-10-10 S/N 46645  Date Built: 4/79
7-19-79 Del'd to Western Airlines N912WA
4-1-87  Transfered to Delta Airlines w/merger
5-6-88  Sold to United Aviation Services
5-6-88  Leased to Scanair
6-16-88 Sold to Scandanavian Air Chartering Inc
6-16-88 Leased to Scanair
6-16-88 Sub-Leased to American Airlines
3-19-89 Returned to Scanair
6-14-89 Sub-Leased to World Airways
12-15-89 Re-registered as SE-DHX
?-?-90  Sub-Leased to Malaysian Airways
8-?-90  Returned to World Airways
5-29-91 Returned to Scanair
7-10-91 Sub-Leased to Sun Country
3-1-94  Re-Registered as N571SC

DC-10-10  S/N 46977  Date Built: 1/78
3-17-78  Delivered to Western Airlines as N908WA
4-1-87   Transfered to Delta with merger
5-?-88   Sold to United Aviation Services
5-17-88  Leased to Scanair
6-28-88  Sold to Scandanavian Air Chartering
6-28-88  Leased to Scanair
6-28-88  Sub-Leased to American Airlines
1-12-89  Returned to Scanair
3-12-89  Re-Registered as SE-DHZ
6-20-91  Sub-Leased to Sun Country
4-19-94  Re-Registered as N572SC

Hope this info helps.  It came from "Jet Airliner Production List Vol-2"

Richard Silagi
Fremont, CA