Re: Can an Airbus 320/321/330/340 perform a controlled glide?

Date:         15 Apr 97 12:56:42 
From: (Gary S. James )
Organization: Netcom
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>In the event of loss of all 5 computers in the Electrical Flight
>Control System (EFCS) the crew can control pitch by moving the
>Trimmable Horizontal Stabiliser (THS) using the pitch trim
>wheels, and yaw (and roll to some extent) by operating the rudder
>via the pedals.

I fly A-320's for a major US airline and as part of our training we
area required to "fly" the airplane using these backup modes.  I assure
you, that from a practical point of view the airplane is virtually
uncontrollable in this mode and would be incapable of making anything
remotely resembling a controlled landing.

Additionally, there has been one instance where all flight computers
were turned off momentarily in flight.  Panic ensued... and the
aircraft nearly went out of control.

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