Re: Relative Engine Power

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:43 
From: (Ptolomy)
Organization: Netcom
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"john r." <> wrote:
>Can anyone give me some approximate guidelines to compare jet engine
>thrust and rotating shaft power.
>We were recently looking over The Queen Mary at Long Beach and in the
>engine room it said that the four turbines produced about 260,000 horse
>power between them. About as much as a modern Jumbo I said but was
>greeted with disbelief.

For jet engines, the rough conversion is one lb of thrust equals one
horse power at 30,000 ft.  So, for a B747 with, say, RR RB211's ( they
deliver about 58,000lbs thrust each) X 4, would give you around
232,000 hp when operating at max power at 30,000 ft.  As you see, you
were not far off in your presumption.  Anyway, hope this helps.
Regards, JCD A&P