Re: Relative Engine Power

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:42 
From: (Curt Austin)
Organization: Internet Access Cincinnati
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In article <airliners.1997.910@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "john r."
<> wrote:

> Can anyone give me some approximate guidelines to compare jet engine
> thrust and rotating shaft power.
> We were recently looking over The Queen Mary at Long Beach and in the
> engine room it said that the four turbines produced about 260,000 horse
> power between them. About as much as a modern Jumbo I said but was
> greeted with disbelief.

A rough conversion is that a 50,000 lb thrust engine will produce about
50,000 horsepower when converted to a marine-industrial engine.  So you
are correct (4 x 65,000 = 260,000).

Compare a CF6-80C2 with an LM-5000 or a CF6-80E1 with an LM-6000 for a
more accurate comparison.  The various ways of rating and operating
engines makes direct comparisons difficult, of course.

Curt Austin
Cincinnati, Ohio