Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:42 
From:         "McElravy" <>
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> I have never measured the seat widths of MD-80/90 vs 727/737/757, but in
> coach I don't think there is much difference. Fuselage curvature is more
> noticeable in a window seat on an MD-80/90, granted, but it's not as bad
> as a Fokker or one of the new regional jets.

That is precisely the problem I have with DC-9s and their descendants. I am
a vertical person: seat width past a certain point is useless; just more
space to tuck my paperback when I'm not reading. Legroom, not butt room, is
what I worry about. In the DC-9 there is no better pitch than the 737 but
the fuselage curvature is maddening (I always take the window seat when I
have the choice) and I always have this urge to kick the crap out of the
bulge where I want my feet to go. It is a *bad* thing when a 19 passenger
turboprop has better legroom than your 120 passenger jet (the Beech 1900D).

	Evan McElravy