Re: Materials testing

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:42 
From:         dave lawson <>
Organization: Dave Lawson
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Tom Keesling wrote:
> Could anyone point me in the direction for finding materials testing
> procedures in the aerospace industry?  I am particulary interested in
> 316L stainless, aluminum and titanium.  I am in the orthopedic fixator
> business, and would like to test these devices for cracks.
> Thanks in advance...Tom

You want to review the set of ASTM standards (Volume 15 if memory
serves).  These are some of the most common testing procedures in use
today.  But, be warned, these tests are mostly designed to test coupons
of base materials like aluminum, titanium, or specific joining

If you want to test completed assemblies for durability under
representative loads (ie. for fatigue) then you should get an engineer
to look at the problem and suggest some custom test fixtures that might
be built to simulate 'live' loads.

Hope this helps.